John Buckley and Jon Landy to Speak at CPR’s 2023 Annual Meeting

February 2023

On March 2, 2023, Senior Counsel John Buckley and Partner Jon Landy will speak on panels at the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) Annual Meeting.

Jon Landy will speak on the panel, “Getting to the Point: What are the ‘Best Practices’ in US Domestic and International Arbitration that help resolve disputes expediently and should more of each be done in the other?.” This panel will discuss both the procedural tools available to resolve issues quickly and best practices in the merits hearing portion of an arbitration, including whether the use of witness statements, tailored document discovery and the absence of depositions should be more commonly used in U.S. domestic arbitrations to increase the efficiency and quality of the proceedings.

John Buckley will speak on the panel, “Getting to the Right Decision,” which will address key decisions that arbitrators are faced with in the course of an arbitration, advocacy strategies that have succeeded and those that have flopped, and insights into how arbitrators influence/approach deliberations as a practical matter, including what can be done during an arbitration and after to facilitate enforcement at minimal cost.

John Buckley founded the firm’s International Disputes practice, and. Jon Landy serves as Co-Chair of the practice. Both focus their practices on international and domestic commercial arbitrations and investor-state arbitrations.

See the full agenda for the CPR Annual Meeting here.

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