Summer Program Recruiting Schedule

Early Applications: 

For students attending law schools where we participate in their school-sponsored early interview programs, please apply to the firm through those programs. Because we will adhere to the recruiting policies set by your respective law schools, please consult your law schools for specific timelines governing those early interview programs, as well as their deadlines for callback interviews and offers. Those schools are listed below:

•    Berkeley
•    Columbia
•    Georgetown
•    Harvard
•    Northwestern
•    NYU
•    Penn


Students attending schools that do not offer an early interview program may apply directly to the firm between June 1 and June 24, 2024 (unless otherwise noted below). In addition to a resume, please provide the most current copy of your law school transcript that reflects all grades received to date via the “Apply Online” link. If your full-year transcript is not available by June 24, you may supplement your application once your completed transcript is available.

Additionally, for regular OCI, the firm will participate in virtual interview programs at the following schools:  

•    Berkeley 
•    Chicago 
•    Columbia 
•    Cornell 
•    Duke 
•    George Washington 
•    Georgetown 
•    Howard (students should apply through Howard’s July Interview program)
•    Harvard 
•    Michigan 
•    Northwestern 
•    NYU 
•    Pennsylvania 
•    Stanford (students should apply through Stanford’s June interview program)
•    Texas 
•    UVA 
•    Vanderbilt 
•    Yale (students should apply through Yale’s June interview program)

For additional inquiries, please contact:

Natasha M. Zech, Esq.
Director of Attorney Recruiting, Diversity & Development
Williams & Connolly LLP
680 Maine Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20024
Direct: 202.434.5605

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