eDiscovery Strategy

Williams & Connolly recognizes that eDiscovery can be critical to case outcomes and strategy, so as with all other aspects of our litigation practice, we retain talented lawyers to handle eDiscovery issues and integrate them into our case teams. 

Since 2003, the firm has invested substantial resources in developing a team of full-time Discovery Attorneys, many of whom have ten to fifteen years of experience in the role with us.  Our team of over fifty attorneys efficiently and accurately reviews and organizes relevant facts from millions of pages, while navigating complex privilege issues. 

Our Discovery Attorneys oversee and manage the review process from start to finish.  They are instructed in the goals of the project by partners and associates, and monitor the review team to ensure both quality and efficiency.  Although our Discovery Attorneys sometimes perform first-pass document review, they more frequently are called upon to oversee and manage document reviews performed by others, such as teams of Agency Attorneys retained from trusted vendors working in secure, dedicated review space at Williams & Connolly. 

Williams & Connolly Discovery Attorneys are experienced at selecting the best review methods to satisfy individual case needs.  They must pass rigorous tests to ensure knowledge of relevant eDiscovery tools and techniques, including Technology-Assisted Review, for delivering high-quality, reliable work product.  They are trained to recognize when methods other than document-by-document review are appropriate and can save substantial time and money.  In many cases, a single Discovery Attorney can quickly identify thousands of documents as irrelevant, dramatically reducing review time and staffing needs.

And unlike other review teams that disband when a review project is done, our Discovery Attorneys retain and use the critical document knowledge to provide support leading up to and through trial.  They routinely perform important factual development work that feeds directly into the trial team's mission to present the most compelling case for our clients while avoiding any missteps. 

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