The Williams & Connolly family mourns the death of our dear friend and longtime partner, Jack Vardaman.
For decades, Jack was a part of the heart and soul of our law firm.  He was an unparalleled litigator, representing individuals and entities throughout the world in the most difficult of matters.  He built, led, and expanded our firm throughout his time as a partner.  He excelled at everything he did, including his status as a championship golfer.
But, Jack’s most important legacy, beyond his wonderful family, will live on in the form of the hundreds of attorneys who he taught and mentored who now hold important positions in law firms, government, corporations, academic institutions, non-profits, and more.  All of us who learned from Jack, watched Jack in action, and treasured his friendship will miss him terribly.
The Williams & Connolly family sends heartfelt sympathies to Jack’s family and to his many friends.

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