Mentoring & Professional Development

We work hard to ensure that all of our attorneys have the guidance and opportunities necessary for their professional development. The firm is a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) and sponsors several organizations and conferences that focus on the business and professional development of diverse attorneys.

We have a mentoring program in which every new associate is assigned associate and partner mentors, both of whom help to welcome new associates to the firm and regularly meet with them to discuss their issues or concerns. Our Associates Committee, which consists of four partners, devotes much of its time to monitoring the training and professional development of associates. The firm coordinates a formal Practice Tip Seminar series, during which firm attorneys present monthly seminars that provide associates with practical insights on the practice of law. 

Diversity Speaker Series

We have initiated a Diversity Speaker Series, through which the firm hosts guest speakers to discuss a range of topics focused on diversity, but of interest to all of our attorneys.

Women’s Initiative

Within the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, the Women’s Initiative focuses on the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women attorneys at Williams & Connolly. It is co-chaired by two partners, Katherine Turner and Amanda MacDonald. The key objectives of the Women’s Initiative include advancing the professional development of women attorneys through presentations and training, encouraging mentorship and sponsorship of women attorneys by the firm’s partners, strengthening the internal and external network of the firm’s women attorneys, and supporting the growth of their business development skills.

In addition, the firm supports a number of women’s organizations, including:

  • National Women’s Law Center
  • Women’s Bar Association Foundation
  • Corporate Counsel Women of Color
  • National Association of Women Judges
  • National Partnership for Women and Families

Work-Life Balance

Williams & Connolly offers flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of our attorneys, including family commitments, and several of our attorneys currently work at a 60% or 80% schedule. When an attorney works part-time, he or she is paid based on a percentage of the same rate (e.g., 60% or 80% of the full-time rate). The firm has also partnered with Bright Horizon’s Backup Care Advantage Program, which provides backup child and elder care, with in-home and local care center options available.

Following the birth or adoption of a child, we offer primary caregivers 18 weeks of paid leave and secondary caregivers 4 weeks of paid leave. The time our attorneys spend while on parental leave is fully credited for purposes of seniority and partnership consideration, and it does not affect attorney salary.

Williams & Connolly Joins Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

Williams & Connolly Joins Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

Williams & Connolly Commits to Improving Diversity and Inclusion Through Mansfield 4.0 Participation

Williams & Connolly Commits to Improving Diversity and Inclusion Through Mansfield 4.0 Participation
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