John McNichols Authors Articles in Litigation News

October 2022

John McNichols authored two articles in the American Bar Association’s Litigation News “News & Analysis” section.  The first article, “Evidence of Juror Dishonesty Requires Evidentiary Hearing,” discusses the case of Torres v. First Transit, Inc., where the Eleventh Circuit held that the defendant was entitled to an evidentiary hearing after he discovered that two jurors had lied during voir dire.  

The second article, “Law Firm Not Liable to Adverse Party for Groundless Suit,” discusses the case of Seiller Waterman, LLC v RLB Properties, where the Supreme Court of Kentucky dismissed a plaintiff’s claims for alleged wrongful use of civil proceedings and professional negligence against an attorney who represented its adversary in a prior litigation. The article discusses the pitfalls of counseling a client who wants to sue opposing counsel from prior litigation as well as the lack of a duty of care flowing from an attorney to their client’s adversary. 

Click here to read the articles in Litigation News’ “News & Analysis: The Latest Development in Litigation.”

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