The Washington Post Quotes Sarah Harris About the Supreme Court Term

July 2023

On July 1, 2023, The Washington Post quoted partner Sarah Harris in Bob Barnes’s article “Supreme Court Delivered Big Conservative Wins, and a Mixed Message.” The article discusses how this Supreme Court Term featured a mix of rulings praised by both liberals and conservatives. Addressing the Chief Justice’s role in the court’s recent rulings, Sarah noted, “It’s the Chief’s world (at least this Term).” When asked about the most important moment of the term, Sarah said it “came in Roberts’s opinion in the student-debt case, when he ‘seemed to break the fourth wall and speak to the public at large.’” Sarah added that certain cases “attracted huge amounts of doom-and-gloom prognostications from people unhappy about where they expected the court to go, and the court defied those predictions.” Sarah—who clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas—argued two cases this past Term, adding to the firm’s total of seven arguments – the most of any group in private practice.

Click here to read the full article by The Washington Post.

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