Women's History Month Reflections 

March 2023

March 1 marks the start of Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the vital role women have played in American history. In celebration of Women’s History Month, Williams & Connolly asked some of our employees to reflect on a time when they experienced equitable treatment at work and their views on celebrating women’s history. Here is what some of those amazing employees had to say about #EmbracingEquity.

“In an industry where disparate treatment of female lawyers is all too common, I feel incredibly fortunate to work at a firm that empowers its female attorneys. There is no single experience that has made the difference. It is the collection of so many big and small moments over the years when other lawyers have taken the time to invest in me, push me, and show me that I am valued. I am grateful to work with colleagues and clients whose trust in me gives me the confidence to perform at my best.”

Suzanne Salgado, Partner

“I can think of several occasions where I went into a new job as the youngest or least experienced person on the team, and worried that I wouldn’t be good enough or would be looked down on because of my inexperience. But in each of these instances, my new colleagues treated me as an equal, valued my contributions, and helped me grow personally and professionally. Without these individuals treating me equitably, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Chelsea B. Seddon, Research Librarian

“Celebrating women’s history, both nationally and internationally, affords us the opportunity to become knowledgeable of a woman’s struggle to gain equality, to understand the effects of past history on women, and to eliminate the possibility of that history repeating itself. It also acts as a reminder of all of the progress women have made, and shows appreciation to women for their many accomplishments and contributions to society. We all add value. We all matter!!!”

Gina Major, Legal Pricing and Financial Analysis Manager

“In the summer of 2021, I was fortunate enough be part of a fantastic trial team for a two-week arbitration where equitable treatment was in full force. Trial is high intensity, high stakes work where everything is on the line. Each team member went above and beyond their responsibilities together. Ultimately, the team brought home a complete victory for our client. Without equitable treatment, the opportunity for our client’s success is diminished.”

Mallory T. Dunn, Business Development & Marketing Coordinator and Legal Assistant


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