Bloomberg Law Names Sarah Harris to 40 Under 40

July 2021

Sarah Harris was recognized in Bloomberg Law’s inaugural edition of “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40.” According to the publication, the honorees represent “the best of the future of the legal profession.” Bloomberg’s profile featured Sarah’s two wins in cases she argued before the U.S. Supreme Court this Term.* The cases were Salinas v. U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (5-4 win in February), and Carr v. Saul (9-0 win in April). Sarah said, “[g]oing forward, Salinas will expand the availability of judicial review for railroad workers like my client Mr. Salinas, and Carr will give a thousand or so Social Security claimants another chance to establish their entitlement to benefits that can make life-changing differences for people whose disabilities prevent them from working.” She added: “[a]rguing before the Supreme Court is thrilling; even better is winning cases that make a real-world difference.”

Click here to read Sarah’s profile in Bloomberg Law’s “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40.”

*All cases vary and none is predictive.

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