Williams & Connolly Secures Victory for Pro Bono Client in Asylum Case

October 2018

The firm successfully represented a pro bono client escaping persecution by helping our client obtain asylum in the United States.  Our client faced persecution in his home country of El Salvador for many years.  One of the Salvadoran gangs, Barrio 18, engaged in a multi-year campaign against our client and his family because of their familial relationship with an incorruptible police officer.  Barrio 18’s repeated attacks included not only death threats but also physical violence and attempted murders.  To escape this desperate situation, our client hired a coyote to bring him to the United States.  During that trip, our client witnessed the coyote trafficking drugs and guns with MS-13, another Salvadoran gang.  Unfortunately our client was deported almost as soon as he entered the United States.  Upon returning to El Salvador, our client reported the coyote to the police, but that only resulted in more trouble for him.  In retaliation for our client’s cooperation with the police, the coyote paid MS-13 to kill him, his partner, and their two daughters.  MS-13 soon thereafter shot up the family’s house while our client’s partner and daughters were at home, causing his partner to suffer a miscarriage.  Our client, his partner, and his two daughters promptly fled to the United States and applied for relief. 

On October 25, 2018, at our client’s merits hearing, the judge granted his application to remain in the United States.  All that our client has ever wanted to do is work and live peacefully with his family.  Now he will be able to do that. 

The Williams & Connolly team included Katlin Karges, Adrienne Van Winkle, Ana Molinares, Mary Samson, and Sydney Vigran.

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