The American Lawyer Reports on CoStar’s Database Fraud Lawsuits

October 2018

The American Lawyer and serval other outlets reported on the seven federal suits filed around the country by Williams & Connolly on October 3 on behalf of CoStar Group.  CoStar alleges that multiple real estate firms and individual brokers accessed CoStar’s subscription database without authorization, and used the content to generate profits.  One defendant also created a knock-off derivative database, and several defendants engaged in copyright infringement after accessing the database.  Each suit stressed that the defendants were contacted in advance and given the opportunity to make amends and purchase a valid license, but declined to do so.  The suits were filed in California, New Jersey, Oregon, Georgia and Washington D.C.

“For CoStar, litigation is a last resort—when we have significant evidence of wrongdoing, and no other options,” said CoStar’s head of litigation, Jaye Campbell. “Our recent history shows that when we bring suit, we litigate to win. We look forward to successfully prosecuting this new set of unlawful-access cases, and anticipate that more cases of a similar nature will follow.”

The Williams & Connolly team representing CoStar Group includes Nick Boyle, David Riskin, Tamara Rubb, Jena Neuscheler and Joanna Evans.

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