Of Counsel Magazine Highlights Williams & Connolly Lawyer Liability Practice

March 2019

Of Counsel magazine’s March 2019 edition quoted John Villa in an article discussing lawyer liability defense work. The publication highlighted the firm’s nationally renowned lawyer liability practice, and discussed how the representation of law firm clients differs from other specialties, as well as the importance of malpractice risk management.  One observer quoted in Of Counsel noted that “it's safe to say that John and his colleagues have handled more legal-mal cases than any other firm in the country . . . and they're excellent at what they do.”  John explained that the Williams & Connolly partners and associates who primarily handle legal malpractice “are specialists in this area and are therefore different than other law firms who handle an occasional case.  I think what distinguishes us is that, in addition to the typical cases we handle, many law firms come to us with a bet-the-law firm case and rely upon us to get them out of a bad situation.”

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