The National Law Journal Reports on Kannon Shanmugam’s Recent Supreme Court Oral Argument

November 2018

In The National Law Journal’s November 21, 2018 Supreme Court Brief titled “Breyer’s Epic Question, Shanmugam’s Nimble Answer”, the publication highlighted Kannon’s response to one of Justice Stephen Breyer’s inquires during recent oral arguments in Republic of Sudan v. Harrison, which has attracted the attention of Supreme Court watchers.  Observers praised Kannon’s impressively concise response to Justice Stephen Breyer’s lengthy question (the question took up 69 lines and more than three pages of the transcript).

One observer commented that “Kannon’s answer was marvelous. He not only remembered each part of the question and organized a coherent response—itself a challenge. He turned each of Justice Breyer’s concerns into a point in his favor.”

In Republic of Sudan v. Harrison, the Court will decide whether the victims of the U.S.S. Cole bombing properly served the Republic of Sudan in their lawsuit seeking to hold Sudan responsible as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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